Embeddable M.2 2280 SDR + integrated pre-select filters and GPS

Exceptional RF Tuning, Fidelity and Instantaneous Dynamic Range in a Tiny SDR

Compatible with millions of computer systems

Sidekiq NV100 is a highly flexible RF powerhouse optimized to tackle your most challenging signal environments. It combines the Sidekiq  Family's state-of-the-art wideband RF processing capabilities with an integrated GPS clock and flexible Rx pre-select filtering, all in a common form factor with wide compatibility out of the box.

  • RF Tuning Range

    30 MHz to 6 GHz(RF access down to 10 MHz)

  • RF Bandwidth

    Up to 50 MHz per channel

  • Power Consumption

    4-6W (typical usage)

  • Integrated FPGA

    Xilinx Artix 7 XC7A50T FPGA with x2 Gen2 PCIe interface

  • Form Factor

    M.2 2280 Key B + M (22 mm x 80 mm x 4.5 mm)

  • I/O

    PCIe Gen2 x2 (5 Gbps) + GPIO

  • RF Modes of Operation

    2 Rx, 2 Tx, or 1 Tx + 1 Rx

  • GPS

    Integrated GPSDO receiver with PPS

  • Filtering

    Sub-octave Rx pre-selection from 400MHz to 6GHz

Widely Compatible

M.2 2280 Form Factor

Based on Analog Devices’ ADRV9004, a wideband transceiver RFIC that delivers extended RF tuning capabilities as well as exceptional RF fidelity and instantaneous dynamic range, Sidekiq NV100 packs RF flexibility into the tiny M.2 2280 form factor, commonly utilized for solid state hard drives that support NVMe® in laptops, tablets, and other computing platforms.

A Common Form Factor

Because Sidekiq NV100 comes in the M.2 2280 form factor - commonly found on the motherboards of laptops and tablets for adding fast NVMe SSDs - high performance off-the-shelf host platforms are easy to find, source, and integrate with an SDR running your RF application.

Use as a Thunderbolt™ 3 Compatible Peripheral

With our Thunderkiq™ Housing

The Sidekiq NV100 is also available in a Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible carrier with a small enclosure (providing SMA ports for RF, and a Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible USB-C connector for both power and connectivity to the host).

Use as a Compact RF Platform

With our Intel® NUC Development Kit

Looking for a Compact High Performance Compute Platform with an Integrated Sidekiq NV100? To support customers that are looking for a complete SDR + high performance computer solution in a small for factor, Epiq Solutions offers Sidekiq NV100 pre-integrated into an Intel NUC computer. For more information on the NUC + NV100 offering, contact us.

  • Intel Core i7 quad-core x86 CPU
  • NUC I/O includes USB3, gigabit ethernet, Thunderbolt™3, and HDMI
  • Extended chassis to provide access to Rx/Tx/GPS antenna ports, as well as 10 MHz input and PPS input
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1 TB SSD (2.5”)
  • Pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux (18.04)
  • Sidekiq NV100
  • JTAG and GPIO access

Integrated Features

To simplify your product development

Integrated GPS

Sidekiq NV100 includes an integrated GPS receiver + GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) for for excellent long-term positioning accuracy. It also includes a 40 MHz output that can be passed to another Sidekiq.

Integrated Pre-Select Filters

If you need a receiver that enables optimum interference protection, Sidekiq NV100 is for you. The sub-octave Rx pre-select filtering provides out-of-band interference protection on both RF receiver paths from 400 MHz to 6 GHz. While other solutions need to connect to a bulky, external filtering mechanism, Sidekiq NV100 incorporates this filtering into its small, standard M.2 2280 form factor, allowing you to either save space and reduce your product size, or free up space to accommodate other technology needs.

Ready to Develop

We have tools to help get you started


    One Intel® NUC running Ubuntu, with one Sidekiq NV100 card pre-installed


    An easy-to-use interface for configuring the RF transceivers and streaming data between the host and Sidekiq NV100 over the PCIe interface


    PC-based spectrum analyzer (ERA) and libsidekiq Linux software library pre-loaded on the NUC


    One JTAG fixture with an additional Sidekiq NV100 and Thunderbolt™3 cable


    Sidekiq NV100 FPGA reference design source code to enable user-customized FPGA designs


    One year warranty, software updates and web-based support

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