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Featuring eight high-performance RF receivers and a
VITA 49 standard streaming interface, the Sidekiq NV800 packs high channel count and high bandwidth into a power-efficient, ready-to-integrate package.
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RF Transceivers

8 Channels configurable as
phase coherent or independent

RF Tuning Range

30MHz to 6GHz with
future extension to 18GHz

RF Sweep Rate

per receiver

Multi-Device Synchronization

supports WhiteRabbit
Precision Time Protocol

Power Consumption

30W, Powered by PoE++

Wireline Interfaces

RJ45 (1 GbE), SFP+ (10 GbE)



Sidekiq™ NV800 is designed to integrate multiple advanced features such as fast hopping, phase coherency, and WhiteRabbit all into a single easy-to-use platform..


With VITA 49 data format and RESTful API control, Sidekiq™ NV800 ensures seamless. integration with COTS and GOTS  spectrum analysis, eliminating barriers and accelerating deployment.


Engineered for low power consumption and integrated into a passively cooled, compact package.

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key spec

Sidekiq™ NV800 specs at a glance

Tuning Range

1 MHz to 6 GHz


Up to 50 MHz per channel

Power Consumption

Typically under 25W

Integrated FPGA


Form Factor

9.92" x 7.24" x 2.0" (25.2cm x 18.4cm x 5.1cm)


Up to 8




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Software-Defined Radio (SDR)?

SDR is a radio communication system in which components traditionally implemented in hardware are instead implemented (via custom software) on a personal device or embedded computer system. SDR systems can be adapted to integrate with various communication applications. Once integrated, SDRs can be used to scan for radio frequencies, listen to FM radio, track aircraft with ADS-B, receive GPS signals, dabble in amateur radio, decode digital voice, and even bounce signals off the moon!

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How do Epiq's SDR products differ from others on the market?

Epiq's SDR solutions deliver unparalleled RF performance and flexibility in compact form factors, making them perfect for a range of applications: including mobile, portable, and space-constrained. With a wide tuning range from 70 MHz up to 6 GHz, our products can be used for things like spectrum analysis, RF recording, cellular network scanning, enforcing no-wireless policies, and more.

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Can I customize my SDR setup?

Yes, our SDRs, SDR platforms, and turnkey solutions are designed to be flexible and easily integrated. That means you can customize any of our products to fit your specific needs. 

To get started, request one of our dev kits. We have two options: Evaluation (EVK) and Platform Development (PDK). You can request a dev kit by filling out the form below. Once you do, we'll get back to you with details and next steps.

If you need assistance, Epiq’s team is always here to offer comprehensive support: including detailed product documentation and an active community for peer discussions.

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What are the data transfer options for your SDRs?

Our SDRs support various data transfer interfaces, including USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and PCI Express (PCIe), depending on the product.

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Which programming languages or frameworks do your products support?

Our SDRs support popular frameworks such as GNU Radio, and others. For programming, we support languages such as C, C++, and Python.

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Do your products support phase-coherent MIMO operations?

Yes, our SDR products, such as the Sidekiq™ X4, support multi-channel phase-coherent MIMO operations, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

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Can your SDRs operate standalone or do they require a host device?

Many of our SDRs can operate both standalone and as part of a host device, giving you the flexibility to use them as needed.

Still have questions? Reach out and we’ll do our best to help.

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for developers

Evaluation Kit (EVK)

  • 2 x Sidekiq™ Z2 cards
  • 2 x Sidekiq™ Z2 simple carrier cards
  • I/O expander board for accessing GPIO and JTAG
  • Open-source IIO reference design supported by Analog Devices

Platform Development Kit (PDK)

  • Provides access to standard libSidekiq™ API + source code for an optimized FPGA reference design
  • Enhanced private support forum hosted by Epiq


Ready to tap into the power of Epiq's SDRs? Request a dev kit today. Just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you shortly.