A high bandwidth, multi-channel RF transceiver for advanced RF solutions

Flexible RF Front End

Sidekiq X4 integrates two Analog Devices ADRv9009 wideband transceivers, providing 4 receivers and 4 transmitters. The receivers can be configured as: phase coherent, two phase coherent pairs or dual independently tunable receivers with 400 MHz per channel, for a total IBW of 800 MHz. The transmitters can all be phase coherent or split into two phase coherent pairs. Each channel's bandwidth is configurable up to 200 MHz. Sidekiq X4 can be ordered with either MMCX, SSMC or SMP RF connectors.

Key Features

Sidekiq X4 offers best-in-industry integration and overall capabilities

  • RF Tuning Range

    1 MHz to 6 GHz

  • A/D Sample Width

    16 bits

  • Form Factor

    VITA 57.1 High Pin Count FPGA Mezzanine Card

  • D/A Sample Width

    14 bits

  • Rx Noise Figure

    8 dB (typ.)

  • Channel Bandwidth

    Up to 200 MHz (see datasheet for more info)

  • Tx Output

    Up to +5 dB

  • Power Consumption

    7 - 14 Watts

  • Max A/D Sample Rate

    245.76 Msamples/sec

Ready for 3U VPX Applications

Sidekiq X4 supports lab and field deployments with a COTS PCIe-based FPGA carrier card integrated into a Thunderbolt™ 3 chassis. For ruggedized deployments, Sidekiq X4 can be integrated into COTS 3U or 6U VPX carrier cards. The X4 Platform Development Kit (PDK) provides customers with access to both a software API for interfacing to the card, as well as the source code for the FPGA reference design.

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Phase Coherence

See how Sidekiq X4 can be used for MIMO, Beamforming and Direction Finding