3U VPX Multi-Channel, Phase-Coherent RF Transceiver

Enable Rapid Development of Converged SIGINT/EW Platforms

Wideband RF Card With Multi-Receive and Multi-Transmit Capabilities

The Sidekiq VPX400 is a modular, multi-channel RF transceiver solution that enables rapid development of converged SIGINT/EW platforms while reducing slot count requirements, power consumption, and engineering-related cost


    Complete antenna-to-bits, multi-channel, phase coherent solution in a single 3U VPX card


    RF tuning range from 1 MHz to 6 GHz

  • 900 MHZ IBW

    4-channel phase coherent operation at 200 MHz IBW or 2-channel, independently tunable at 450 MHz


    Unified open API for use across all Sidekiq products


    Typical power consumption under 40W


    Support for both PCIe and 10/40 GbE

Sidekiq VPX400's high performance RF front end is leveraging our advanced, field-proven, phase-coherent Sidekiq X4, a multi-channel VITA 57.1 FPGA Mezzanine Card.


Complete Software-Defined Radio for EW, SIGINT, C5ISR and Other Mission Critical Applications

Sidekiq VPX400's modularity aligns with the SOSA™ Technical Standard for rapid adaptability, while its core software-defined radio (SDR) technology future-proofs applications by allowing quick adoption of emerging capabilities


    Allows any SOSA-aligned host platform to configure and control the card


    Supports VITA 67.3 for RF I/O through the backplane


    Air-cooled solution for prototyping, conduction-cooled solution for production


    Integration with GNU Radio, Photon, MORA, REDHAWK, and other frameworks


    OpenVPX slot profiles: SLT3-PAY-1F1U1S1S1U1U2F1H-14.6.11-n (“-4” for a SOSA aligned option) and SLT3-PAY-1F1U1S1S1U1U4F1J-14.6.13-n

Key Features

What's Packed in a Single 3U VPX Card

  • Channel Count

    4 Rx and 4 Tx

  • Channel Bandwidth

    Up to 200 MHz (configurable to 450 MHz)

  • Max Sample Rate

    500 Msamples/sec

  • A/D Converter

    16-bit sample width

  • D/A Converter

    14-bit sample width

  • System-On-Chip

    One Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC XCZU7EV

  • FPGA

    Xilinx Kintex® Ultrascale™ XCKU115 FPGA

  • Pre-Select Filtering

    Seven bandpass RF filters on each receiver

  • Dimensions

    178.6 mm x 99.8 mm x 23.6 mm

Why VPX?

VPX is an ANSI standard that breaks from the traditional connector scheme of VMEbus technology. VPX standards retain VME’s compact 3U and 6U formats but expand possible bandwidth beyond that of traditional VMEbus solutions by replacing a parallel bus with high speed, highly reliable serial buses and switch fabric technology. Designed to work with any high-speed serial bus including PCIe and Gigabit Ethernet, VPX serial buses offer higher data rates while using a fraction of the routing resources. This high data rate capability is uniquely suited to applications that require extremely large amounts of signal processing such as those found in electronic warfare (EW), military sensor processing, radar, and cognitive radio, among others.

When applied to communication systems, VPX meets the requirements for a high speed, high performance signal acquisition platform that fulfill numerous system designer demands for:


    High precision in compact 3U and 6U formats well-suited to SWaP-constrained military, commercial and industrial applications


    High performance and high reliability in field-deployed, mission-critical wireless systems that can function in harsh, rugged environments


    Long technology life to reduce non-recurring engineering costs


    High performance per watt, pound, and cubic inch


    Solutions based on standards that facilitate interoperability and a broad technology ecosystem


    User-definable, high speed, flexible I/O technology that will keep pace with advances in processor technology