MatchstiqZ Series

Next Generation Low-SWaP Fully Integrated Software Defined Radio Platform

Radically Small, Industrial-Grade RF Signal Processing Platform

Reduce risk and accelerate development of mission-critical RF transceiver solutions

Utilizing our most integrated Sidekiq RF transceivers, the Matchstiq Z Series offers a field-ready, complete software defined radio platform designed to deliver an RF transceiver plus signal processing solution in the smallest possible form factor. The Matchstiq Z Series is ideal for on-the-go signal processing applications.

SDR On the Go

Made to attach to a cell phone or tablet

Measuring less than 4” x 2” x 1” and weighing in under 6 ounces, the Matchstiq Z Series is ideal for on-the-go signal processing applications. An integrated magnetic mount allows the platform to attach to a cell phone or other portable device, deriving power and providing communications through a single USB-C port. As a completely stand-alone platform, Matchstiq Z Series can execute signal processing applications locally or interface to a host platform over USB to execute applications on the host.

Built With Our Sidekiq™  Radio Cards

The Matchstiq Z Series utilizes our most integrated RF processing cards to date


Choose the right Matchstiq for your use case

Matchstiq Z2

The Matchstiq Z2 integrates our Sidekiq Z2 SDR  into a low profile machined aluminum housing to provide a complete low visibility RF sensing system for use with tablets, iPads, laptops, tactical handheld radios (such as Persistent Systems' MPU-5), and virtually any other host platform with a USB 2.0 port.

  • RF

    1Rx with four band Rx pre-select filter bank + 1Tx

  • FPGA

    Xilinx® Zynq® SoC 7010

  • CPU

    Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU running Linux

  • Clock

    40 MHz TCVCXO ref clock with +/- 1 PPM stability

  • I/O

    USB 2.0 OTG interface

  • Storage

    128 MB

Matchstiq Z3u

The Matchstiq Z3u expands on the features of Matchstiq Z2 with a quad-core processor, USB 3.0 interface and also includes a GPS disciplined oscillator, external 10 MHz + PPS inputs, and an externally accessible microSD card slot.
  • RF

    Supports 2-channel phase coherent Rx or 1Tx + 1Rx with integrated pre-select filters

  • FPGA

    Xilinx® Zynq® Ultrascale+ ZU3EG SoC

  • CPU

    Quad-core ARM running Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

  • GPS / Clock

    GPS disciplined oscillator / 10 MHz + PPS inputs

  • I/O

    USB 3.0 OTG interface

  • Storage

    128 GB eMMC + microSD card slot

Looking for other options?

Matchstiq S Series

The S Series is our platform built around the Sidekiq RF Transceiver Card. They offer networking over ethernet and options to cover a wider frequency range while maintaining a handheld size footprint.

Application Ready

Easily add RF sensing capabilities to a mobile device

In scenarios where size and power consumption are concerns, the Matchstiq Z Series delivers. With one of the applications available from Epiq, your tablet can become a spectrum analyzer or your smart phone can become a pocket-sized cellular network survey tool.

  • ERA™ - Visualize and Record RF


    Visualize and Record RF

    ERA transforms any platform with a Sidekiq™ radio card into a powerful RF analyzer and, in some cases, an RF recorder.

  • Skylight™ - Flexible Wireless Network Survey App


    Ditch the bulky SpecAn, Visualize RF on your tablet

    Our multi-technology cellular scanner application runs on virtually any of our software defined radio (SDR) platforms, bringing ultimate flexibility in small form factors. Use Skylight to enable comprehensive and flexible analysis of your networks.

  • Box Car™ - Enforce No-Wireless Policies


    Enforce No-Wireless Policies

    A proven, low cost sensor to detect cell phones with zero false positives for use in the transportation industry. Enforce no-wireless policies with this easy to install, self-configuring, and automatic sensor solution.

Ready for Development

Matchstiq is here to make custom RF processing easy

Need to develop your own RF-processing application? Epiq Solutions has development kits available for the Matchstiq Plaform, enabling your team to leverage all of the engineering that went into creating Matchstiq and the software libraries that we used to build our own applications.