RF Sensing

Detect / Survey / Analyze

Mobile Device Detection

Detect unauthorized mobile devices with ZERO false positives

Whether it’s a SCIF, a locomotive, or a prison, there are places and times where the unauthorized use of mobile devices must be monitored and enforced. Epiq has several innovative, proven tools that can help you detect cellular, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® devices in a strict "no wireless" environment.

  • Flying Fox™

    Detect, Identify and Locate Mobile Devices

    An integrated sensor solution for passively detecting and identifying RF transmissions from nearby cell phones, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® devices. One or more Flying Fox™ sensors work in conjunction with Flying Squirrel Orb-weaver, a Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) DoD wireless discovery and mapping application dedicated network. Our patented Flying Fox is on the DoD Approved Products List.

  • Transportation

    Enforce No-Wireless Policies

    A proven, low cost sensor to detect cell phones with zero false positives for use in the transportation industry. Enforce no-wireless policies with this easy to install, self-configuring, and automatic sensor solution.

Network Configuration Survey

Survey an area for cellular base stations and Wi-Fi® hotspots

We have packed our cellular and Wi-Fi® software and FPGA-enhanced designs into small form factor radio platforms enabling users to manage spectrum, analyze quality of service (QOS) and locate base stations.

  • Skylight™

    Survey Cellular and Wi-Fi® Networks

    Our multi-technology cellular scanner application runs on virtually any of our software defined radio (SDR) platforms, bringing ultimate flexibility in small form factors. Use Skylight to enable comprehensive and flexible analysis of your networks.

RF Spectrum Analysis

Observe and record RF from 1MHz to 6GHz

Unsure what type of signal you are looking for? Or if a signal is present at all? ERA’s fast sweep speeds and advanced triggering capabilities allow you to track, capture and analyze signals using ordinary laptops and tablets, thereby eliminating the need for extra, conspicuous equipment.

  • ERA™

    Visualize and Record RF

    ERA transforms any platform with a Sidekiq™ radio card into a powerful RF analyzer and recorder.