The world's smallest wideband RF transceiver + Linux computer in a production-ready module.

Sidekiq Z2

Accelerate Your RF Product Development

Don't waste time integrating hardware, just bring your application

Z2 has a wideband RF transceiver and Linux computer on-board

Everything on Board

Sidekiq Z2 brings you a completely integrated wideband RF transceiver + Linux computer on a tiny module measuring 30mm x 51mm x 5mm (MiniPCIe form factor). This means your next RF product development cycle can be radically shortened and simplified. Don't waste time integrating hardware, just bring your application, a power source and an antenna

Endless RF Possibilities

Sidekiq Z2 is portable and powerful making it ideal for a variety of products

Wireless Security
Portable RF Survey
Wireless Data Link

Simplified Hardware Integration

With so much packed onto the Z2, adding RF processing capability to your final product is easier than ever before. Carrier cards can be small and simple, only needing to provide power, an antenna and a USB interface. Pictured is Sidekiq Z2 in a simple carrier card that comes with our Evaluation Kit.

Developer Focused

We have the tools to help make your development successful

Evaluation Kit (EVK)

  • 2 x Sidekiq Z2 cards
  • 2 x Sidekiq Z2 simple carrier cards
  • I/O expander board for accessing GPIO and JTAG
  • Open-source IIO reference design supported by Analog Devices

Platform Development Kit (PDK)

  • Provides access to standard libsidekiq API + source code for an optimized FPGA reference design
  • Enhanced private support forum hosted by Epiq Solutions