Flexible Wireless Network Survey Application

Flexible Cellular Scanning for Portable SDRs

5G NR, LTE, UMTS, EVDO, CDMA2k, GSM and Wi-Fi®

Skylight™ is a software application that runs on Epiq Solutions software defined radios to provide low SWAP / high performance cellular survey and wireless network characterization. Skylight is for anyone who needs to understand the wireless network environment around them.


    Survey and analyze environment to determine spectrum usage in ways simple RF analysis methods fall short.


    Easily verify network configuration independently from network operator.


    Locate base stations by aggregating survey information from one or multiple sources.


    Quickly collect, log, and export network survey data for a complete scan of carriers and technologies.


    Use Epiq’s industry leading handheld SDRs to discreetly and quickly scan networks.


    Verify coverage and quickly identify service issues in complex in-building and DAS environments.

Key Features

Skylight can help you get a comprehensive view of the networks around you

  • Multi-technology

    5G NR, LTE, UMTS, EVDO, CDMA2k, GSM and Wi-Fi®*

  • Fast

    Rapid blind survey means minimum start-up time and fast measurements suitable for drive testing

  • Low Visibility

    Runs on our small, low-power platforms and can be operated remotely

  • Definitive

    Decodes cell broadcast messages containing system information

  • Easily Integrated

    Full-featured API compatible with RaptorX

  • Comprehensive

    Supports all global carriers and all bands sub-6GHz

*Wi-Fi® support is limited to select platforms

Runs on a Variety of Host Platforms

Since Skylight takes advantage of Sidekiq, it can go wherever Sidekiq can

Matchstiq S Series

Our popular handheld radio is a great platform for a portable network scanning receiver. Matchstiq can connect to a laptop or tablet via Ethernet or USB for command and control. Learn More

Matchstiq Z Series

The Matchstiq Z Series integrates our smallest RF transceiver + Linux computers, like the Sidekiq Z2,  using a simple carrier card. Attached to a commercial tablet with its magnet-mount enclosure, the Matchstiq Z Series makes a conveniently transportable, complete network scanning receiver. Learn More

Commercial Laptop

Many off-the-shelf laptops and tablets are capable of hosting a Sidekiq, instantly turning them into powerful network scanning receivers when combined with Skylight. Learn More

Easy to Configure and Monitor

The Skylight application comes with a web-based UI and a text-based API

Web UI

Use any computer, tablet or smartphone with a modern browser to configure and monitor Skylight via a network connection. Skylight can serve its own UI, so there is no additional software required and operation can be performed remotely. Talk to an expert about Skylight's Web UI

API Interface

Skylight has a text-based command and control interface available via a configurable TCP port. This option gives users the flexibility to develop their own integrations of Skylight or setup automated network scanning. Can be integrated with other applications, such as RaptorX. Talk to an engineer about the API and integrations