Handheld network scanner and spectrum analyzer

Scanning Multi-Tool That Fits in Your Pocket

Convert mobile devices into 5G, 4G and P25 network scanners

Go beyond simple smartphone apps to get a detailed view of your cellular environment. PRiSM is a self-contained, lightweight scanner and spectrum analyzer that easily connects to mobile devices to provide real-time, deep insight into coverage, interference and benchmarking. PRiSM brings the power of large, expensive engineering tools to cost-effective handheld devices that can readily head into the field. With PRiSM, today’s RF specialists get the tool they need to be productive and agile.


    5G NR and LTE in the same small device

  • FAST

    Rapid blind survey means minimum start-up time and fast measurements


    Mounts magnetically to the back of a phone or tablet


    No extra software to install. Connect PRiSM and open browser to IP address


    Decodes cell broadcast messages containing system information


    Scans all carriers and bands - not just the network associated with the host phone or tablet

PRiSM sensor, antenna and magnetic mount for smartphone

Spectrum Analyzer

Quickly visualize local RF energy

Use PRiSM as a pocket-sized spectrum analyzer to view RF energy from 70 MHz to 6 GHz,
quickly jumping to specific cellular bands.

  • Visualize Spectrum

    Real time Power Spectral Density and Waterfall displays

  • Quickly Configure

    Presets for cellular bands make it simple to tune to bands of interest

  • See Everything

    Sweep any span from 70MHz to 6 GHz

5G / 4G / P25 Scanner

Scan for all cellular networks in the area

Ideal for network survey and discovery, in-building survey and discovery,
quick coverage and quality troubleshooting and measurements

  • Blind Scan

    Full band blind scan finds all cells without having to know the EARFCN or center frequency

  • Measure Quality

    Provides real-time measurements of all received cells and networks

  • See Everything

    Fast results on multiple networks and PCIs - not limited to phone's current network

Easy To Use

Just plug PRiSM into a supported phone or tablet to get started

PRiSM weighs under 6 ounces, includes a magnetic mounting plate and uses USB-C to seamlessly connect to select Android and iOS phones and tablets. PRiSM is powered from the host device, so no batteries are required.

  • Plug and Play

    No device rooting necessary: works with unmodified devices

  • Nothing to Install

    PRiSM application is web-based and loads from PRiSM device into standard browser

  • Future-Proof

    Easily calibrated and upgraded without new hardware

All in a Tiny Package

Made possible by our small, flexible RF transceivers

The PRiSM™ Sensor

The PRiSM sensor is a pocket-sized accessory based on our smallest RF transceiver/processor, the Sidekiq Z2.  It connects to a commercial smartphone or tablet via USB-C, making a conveniently transportable, complete cellular network scanner and spectrum analyzer. Learn More

  • Frequency Range

    70 MHz - 6 GHz, 50 MHz Bandwidth with sweeping capabilities

  • Power Consumption

    3W (typical while in use) Powered by host device via USB-C

  • Size and Weight

    Size: 87 mm x 61 mm x 12 mm
    Weight: 4 ounces (114 grams)

Public Safety Networks

Featured Application

Testing in-building public safety network coverage is crucial to ensuring first responders can rely on their communications in times of crisis. For communications officers, BDA/DAS installers, network engineers and technicians, PRiSM has P25 and LTE measurement capabilities that perform comprehensive RF testing of public safety networks in a single handheld device. Field technicians now have a powerful, cost-effective, handheld tool for walk tests that quickly scans and analyzes coverage, interference, and anomalies within P25 and LTE networks such as FirstNet™. Based on software-defined radio (SDR) technology, PRiSM can be easily upgraded with new features and capabilities to continue to meet evolving standards and codes that keep in-building systems compliant. Ideal for:


    Walk-testing of in-building network coverage baselines


    Troubleshooting network anomalies


    Certifying in-building coverage after public safety DAS/BDA installation


    Annual re-certification of public safety DAS/BDA installations

  • MORE

    For more details, see here