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It’s not just hardware and software—we offer turnkey solutions ready for immediate deployment and white glove support.


With a proven track record of leading the industry in low SWaP, high RF performance, and open architecture adoption, our SDRs are easy to integrate and come with our signature white glove service.


At the forefront of low SWaP, high-performance signal processing, Xiphos Q-Cards have the required radiation tolerance for your space mission, making them a perfect fit for various LEO applications.





Turn RF Signals into Actionable Data for Space, Security, Communications, and More


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SDR (Software-Defined Radio)

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Want to see who's behind the Epiq solutions? Spoiler alert: it’s us, and we can't wait to meet you! We’re a team of industry experts, engineers, and visionaries—relentlessly driving Epiq’s engineering breakthroughs. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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Epiq Stories

Stay ahead of the Epiq curve. From recent RF industry highlights and sage advice to a reservoir of comprehensive resources—our newsletter is your one-stop for all things RF.

SDR, troubleshooting 2024-07-23

How to Troubleshoot an SDR in 6 Steps

If troubleshooting is an art, troubleshooting a complex embedded device like a Software Defined Radio (SDR) is doubly challenging. 

As an SDR engineer, I know what it’s like to design a product you and your team are deservedly proud of… only to get an email the next morning from the customer support team asking for your help resolving an issue. 

When this happens, I have three options:

Advanced Data Processing, AI/ML 2024-04-29

Accelerating AI/ML Signal Processing: Epiq’s New Partnership with DeepSig

Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with DeepSig that will allow us to deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) applications directly onto our software-defined radios (SDRs), making integration easier for our customers.

SDR, Epiq Solutions, Aquisition 2024-04-05

Welcoming CyberRadio Solutions to Team Epiq

Epiq has spent the last 14 years focused on bringing low-SWaP software-defined radio platforms to the market in support of dozens of use cases for 400+ customers all over the world.  We started with the core idea that if we can develop state-of-the-art flexible RF hardware, do it in standards-compliant form factors from M.2 to 3U VPX, and wrap it all with a well-defined software API, the sky’s the limit for the products we can enable for our customers.

SDR, Product Development 2023-12-07

Epiq Solutions Paves the Way for AI/ML Integration in RF Spectrum Analysis

The world of AI and ML is evolving at a rapid pace. While much of the fanfare is focused on analyzing the surprisingly human-like output of ChatGPT, the usage of AI/ML in defense applications is also getting significant attention.  This is especially true for use cases where there is an ever-increasing amount of digital data to process in order to understand the RF spectrum and wireless threat landscape. In these applications, AI/ML techniques can bring a unique perspective to provide insights where classical processing may fall short for latency, data throughput, or processing SWaP-C.  

Epiq Solutions 2023-12-06

Still Epiq, Always Epiq

Over the past 14 years, Epiq’s team has been unwavering in its pursuit to become leaders in delivering low-SWaP open architecture SDRs that cater to a myriad of end-user applications. Every page in our story has been about evolution, innovation, and pushing boundaries. Today, I'm thrilled to share the latest chapter with you—our brand refresh. As part of our strategic evolution, we spent some time reflecting on our brand and decided it was time for a refresh of our website and logo. This visual transformation embodies our progressive spirit, our vision, and growth trajectory.

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