Sidekiq™ X4-Based Concept Selected as 2020 TechConnect Defense Innovation Awardee2020 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award


News/2020 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award

from  John Orlando
Chief Executive Officer - November 25, 2020

Today, we're announcing our selection as a 2020 TechConnect Defense Innovation Awardee. Epiq Solutions’ submission to the committee described a unique concept for RF/DF payload capability that empowers a single warfighter to detect, characterize and locate signals of interest. The submission showcased the flexibility of Epiq Solutions’ popular Sidekiq X4, a powerful, field-proven, SDR-based RF transceiver with four-channel phase coherency covering frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 6 GHz and with 200 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) per channel. The innovative concept placed in the top 15% of technologies submitted to Defense TechConnect Selection Committee based on the potential positive impact it will have on the warfighter and national security.

The customized Sidekiq X4 was leveraged to create a module that simultaneously operates as a sensing, geolocation, and communications solution that can be deployed anywhere where small size and high flexibility matter. Future applications for this highly powerful yet small software-defined radio (SDR) include: electronic warfare (EW); intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); AI-enabled signal analysis; EM spectrum monitoring and detection; Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT); edge computing; and MANETs, among others. The numerous proven innovations demonstrated in the concept stand to benefit warfighters and improve their capabilities across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Like most Sidekiq products, the use of this SDR-based module ensures agencies and systems developers can quickly acquire and incorporate new radio technology as it emerges without the time delays and re-manufacturing/re-engineering costs that come with hardware-based systems.

“We are honored to see our innovations recognized by TechConnect,” states Bill Sims, Epiq Solutions’ Director of Government Operations, and 22-year Army veteran. “As a company dedicated to solving the ever-increasing challenges our warfighters face today, we will continue to innovate the best systems and solutions to help them successfully accomplish their missions.”

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