Introducing a Wireless Detection System to Solve Portable Electronic Device (PED) Compliance Challenges in Secure Federal SpacesIntroducing a Wireless Detection System


News/Introducing a Wireless Detection System

from  Gary Schluckbier
Vice President of Product - June 30, 2020

Today we are introducing Flying Fox Enterprise, a federal-focused wireless detection system that detects, identifies and locates cellular, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi® transmissions with zero false positives. Identifying and mitigating wireless threats is a real-world mission for security professionals who must account for every time an unauthorized PED enters their secure space. Flying Fox Enterprise was developed to be the tool that enables accurate situational awareness of PEDs across the RF spectrum. The DoDIN APL-listed and STIG compliant detection technology seamlessly integrates with widely deployed cybersecurity tools and includes important security features that enable secure facilities to comply with federal and military PED compliance policies such as DoDI 8100.02 and AR 380-28.

Flying Fox Enterprise answers the need of security personnel to have complete visibility into, and proof of compliance for, commercial wireless transmissions within their secure space. By using SDR-based sensors that decode signals between handset and tower, not just energy signatures, Flying Fox Enterprise provides 100 percent verification of all cellular, Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi PEDs, eliminating false positives and reducing alarm fatigue. The always-on, real-time, fully passive monitoring network records extensive information for each device – such as device manufacturer, radio frequency, and positioning and many more – that can be accessed to support audit trail and forensic investigation with playback and rich data analytics.

With its origins in a company that has successfully delivered over 10,000 complex software defined radio products in US defense applications, Flying Fox Enterprise leverages highly advanced and integrated SDR technology to create a flexible and user-friendly solution. Its detection system easily scales from one to hundreds of sensors and is available both as a fixed installation and preconfigured deployable kits for on-the-go operations. The intuitive user interface (UI) allows several modes for monitoring results, enables easy definition of geo-fenced areas for alerts, and provides tracking of authorized devices through whitelisting. Simple software updates help safety professionals to stay current with ever-increasing RF-emitting IoT devices and waveforms.

We’re excited to build on years of research on wireless device detection and location to deliver a solution built for the federal enterprise. Our widely deployed software defined radios give the solution its small size and proven reliability. We made a big investment in Flying Fox Enterprise to develop a software application that’s simple to use, provides abundant detail, and fits into federal security operations and infrastructure.

~ Epiq Solutions CEO John Orlando

A typical Flying Fox Enterprise solution is made up of an on-premise appliance and multiple SDR-based sensors. Each sensor uses a single ethernet interface supporting IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) for power and network connectivity along with low-profile ceiling-mounted antennas. This innovative solution is made in the U.S.A. and is in production and shipping to government customers now. To learn more about Flying Fox Enterprise, please visit