ADRV9002ADRV9002 RF Transceiver and the Epiq Sidekiq NV100

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ADRV9002 RF Transceiver and the Epiq Sidekiq NV100

The Sidekiq NV100 is a new high dynamic range SDR from Epiq Solutions that combines low SWaP with high performance. The NV100 builds on the small form factor capability demonstrated in the Sidekiq M.2 and Sidekiq Stretch, but enables new feature sets such as receiver diversity and frequency hopping by leveraging a new RFIC from Analog Devices - the ADRV9002, and the rest of the ADRV9001 product family.

High-Quality, Multifunctional Radio Transceiver

The ADRV9002 is part of the ADRV9001 family of RF agile transceivers. It is specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of high-demand, portable, battery powered radio equipment. It is a highly linear, high-performance, high-dynamic range transceiver featuring the versatile combination of high performance and low power consumption required by battery powered devices.

The ADRV9002 is able to operate in both time division duplex (TDD) and frequency division duplex (FDD) modes. Highly integrated, the IC is capable of operating from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz and covers licensed and unlicensed cellular bands, UHF, VHF, as well as industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) bands. Because the ADRV9002 supports both wideband and narrowband standards up to 40MHz bandwidth on both transmission and reception, it is appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Enabling the Sidekiq NV100

The ADRV9002 and ADRV9004 are wideband transceiver RFICs that deliver exceptional RF fidelity as well as extended RF tuning capabilities and advanced digital features. The Sidekiq NV100 leverages the ADRV9004 to pack the necessary RF flexibility into the tiny M.2 2280 form factor, which is commonly utilized in laptops, tablets, and other computing platforms. The NV100 is Epiq Solutions’ most advanced small form factor SDR in the Sidekiq product family.

  • Sidekiq™ NV100 - Embeddable M.2 2280 SDR + Integrated Pre-Select Filters & GPS

    Sidekiq™ NV100

    Wideband RF Transceiver + FPGA + Filtering + GPS
    • ADRV9004-based
    • M.2 2280 (key M) form factor
    • 2 Rx, 2 Tx, or 1 Rx + 1 Tx
    • 30MHz to 6GHz tuning range

ADRV9002 - Highly-Integrated, Multi-Function Transceiver

With dual-channel receivers, dual-channel transmitters, digital signal processing functions, and integrated synthesizers, the ADRV9002 is an exceptional choice for numerous applications where performance is key. Contact our highly experienced tech team at Epiq for more information on how to best incorporate either the ADRV9002 or the ADRV9004 with our new high dynamic range SDR, the Sidekiq NV100, or with any other questions you may have.