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Case Study: Building the Game-Changer in Rescue Operations

Epiq Solutions' mission is to empower companies with versatile RF solutions that redefine industry standards. One such example is our recent collaboration with CENTUM Research & Technology, which led to significant enhancements in their flagship product, Lifeseeker.

The Challenge

Lifeseeker is a state-of-the-art search and rescue system. Its purpose is critical—locating mobile phones in hard-to-reach areas for search and rescue operations. To support their life-saving technology, CENTUM sought a reliable, efficient, and small software-defined radio (SDR) solution, which led them to Epiq Solutions' Sidekiq M.2 card. Lifeseeker proved to be a standout example of small-form-factor SDRs in action.

The Solution

Epiq’s Sidekiq M.2, along with the companion product Placekiq, were the clear choice for CENTUM. Sidekiq M.2 is one of Epiq's prime examples of a small-form-factor SDR, offering a broad range of RF transceiver capabilities and delivering high performance within a miniaturized module (22mm x 80mm x 3.8mm), making it an excellent fit for integration into portable or embedded systems, like Lifeseeker.

CENTUM’s team was able to seamlessly integrate the Sidekiq M.2 card into some of Lifeseeker’s systems, creating a synergy that took the tool’s capabilities to new heights. The robust performance and wideband capability of Sidekiq M.2 enabled Lifeseeker to conduct real-time scanning of multiple frequency bands. This, in turn, improved the efficiency of their operations, allowing them to locate mobile signals even in challenging terrain.

Moreover, the low power consumption of Sidekiq M.2 helped Lifeseeker prolong their operational times, a critical factor when every minute counts in a rescue mission. The advanced digital signal processing capabilities of Sidekiq M.2 offered enhanced signal clarity and accuracy, aiding Lifeseeker to pinpoint precise locations quickly.

This real-world application not only attests to the transformative power of small-form-factor SDRs but also underscores the incredible potential they hold in facilitating innovative solutions. Epiq Solutions takes pride in its role as an integral partner, working behind the scenes to empower businesses like CENTUM.

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Over 100 Lives Saved

This is one of the most noteworthy results of the collaboration between CENTUM and Epiq Solutions. With the integration of Epiq's RF technologies, Lifeseeker has effectively located and rescued over 100 people in the last 12 months in a range of challenging scenarios.

Advanced Sensing and Detection

Lifeseeker's sensing capabilities are another notable improvement. Epiq's advanced RF technologies enable Lifeseeker to provide more precise and reliable location detection, creasing the effectiveness of rescue and emergency response.

Improved Data Processing and Analysis

Epiq's technology has significantly enhanced Lifeseeker's data processing capabilities. Using real-time analytics, operators can turn raw data into actionable insights in real-time. As a result of these improvements, operators are able to make informed decisions more quickly, which is essential for conducting successful missions.

Boosted Communication and Connectivity

Epiq's technology has also contributed to Lifeseeker's communication capabilities, ensuring a seamless and secure exchange of information between airborne platforms and ground control stations. As a result, teams are now better coordinated, receive real-time updates, and have improved situational awareness.

"The partnership with Epiq Solutions has been instrumental in enhancing our Lifeseeker product. Through Epiq's innovative technology, we experienced significant advancements in select Lifeseeker systems. Their invaluable contributions have empowered us to redefine search and rescue operations, ensuring our ongoing commitment to saving lives."

About Centum

CENTUM research & technology designs, develops and markets airborne mission systems in the fields of Emergency, Security, Defense and Aerospace. CENTUM provides technological solutions that maximize the efficiency in operations such as search and rescue, maritime surveillance, firefighting, emergency communications, disaster relief, and border control. Its purpose is not to fly, but to fly with a purpose. They are committed to their vision of creating high-tech systems both for manned and unmanned aircraft that bring real value to the world. Learn more

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