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Our products go farther and make your mission easier. From open architecture 3U VPX cards to the industry’s smallest SDR module, Epiq operates at the forefront of low SWaP, high performance radio architectures—helping you thrive in the evolving defense landscape.

UAS & ALE Payload

UAS & ALE Payload

Today’s unmanned missions demand payloads that provide advanced RF capabilities-including RF frequencies, wider bandwidths, and greater channel counts-into a system that takes up less space and uses less power than ever. Epiq rises to the challenge.

Small Payload? No Problem

With SDRs smaller than a stick of gum and weighing only 6 grams, our low SWaP models enable your every payload need, no matter how small.

Easy Integration

Our SDRs support a range of standards: M.2, MiniPCIe, VITA 57 (FMC), VITA 65 (3U VPX), and VITA 49, for quick and easy integration with your existing platforms.

Multi-Channel Missions

Our low SWaP SDRs are multi-channel for optimal multi-tasking, from geolocation to multi-band spectral awareness with two to eight receivers in a single device.


Explore Sidekiq™ NV100

This SDR packs RF flexibility into the tiny M.2 2280 form factor. It offers advanced features  and exceptional RF performance based on Analog Devices' ADRV9004 transceiver RFIC.

explore SIDEKIQ nv100

Explore Sidekiq™ X4

Our Sidekiq™ X4 is an industry-leading MIMO RF transceiver, purpose-built direction finding and wideband processing applications where size matters.

explore SIDEKIQ x4

Building the Game-Changer in Rescue Operations

When CENTUM needed an SDR solution for their Lifeseeker search and rescue system that was compact yet powerful, we jumped at the chance. In the span of just one year, our Sidekiq™ M.2 card became a silent hero: helping CENTUM save over 100 lives yearly.


Spectrum Dominance

Spectrum Dominance

Epiq’s high-performance SDR portfolio allows you to completely understand and interact with the RF world around you. Detect, identify, locate, and react to signals of interest faster and more accurately than ever.

Superior RF Performance

Our SDRs have a proven track record of success in challenging RF environments: helping you detect, identify, and locate threats with Epiq's high-performing RF receivers.

Open Architecture Acceleration

Epiq has been a leader in open architecture adoption since 2009, focusing on standards complaint hardware form factors and open software interface to enable our partners to rapidly integrate our SDRs and support their application development.

High Frequency, Wide Bandwidth

As signals move to higher frequencies and wider bandwidths, Epiq’s SDRs are up for the task: our portfolio has you covered up to 18 GHz, and instantaneous bandwidths of 1 GHz.

Open Architectures

Explore Sidekiq™ X4

Our Sidekiq™ X4 is an industry-leading 4x4 MIMO RF transceiver, purpose-built direction finding and wideband processing applications where size matters.

explore SIDEKIQ x4

Explore Sidekiq™ NV800

With eight RF receivers, Sidekiq™ NV800 is a multi-tasking RF powerhouse, capable of delivering superior RF performance every time. Look no further for unmatched flexibility and a highly efficient design.

explore SIDEKIQ nv800

Open Architecture

open architecture

Open architecture platforms help decrease deployment cycles and enable tailored solutions for your mission. Epiq has been an industry leader in low SWaP open architecture SDRs since its founding- enabling members of the SOSA consortium to drive open architecture visions into reality.

Standards Compliance

Epiq is an active member of the SOSA consortium-all our 3U VPX SDRs come with a MORA compliant board support package, maintained and updated as the standard matures.

High Performance, Low SWaP

Our SDRs offer you best-in-class specs like noise, linearity, and dynamic range. Combined with unique architecture, they bring you high performance in a low SWaP footprint.

Mission Focus

Our open architecture SDRs focus on enabling your mission by supporting direction finding, wideband signal reception, tactical communications, and more.

Embedded & Small Form Factor

Explore Sidekiq™ x4

Our Sidekiq™ X4 is an industry-leading RF transceiver, purpose-built for electronic warfare applications in UAS and ALE payloads.

explore SIDEKIQ x4

Explore Sidekiq™ VPX400

The Sidekiq VPX410 is a revolutionary, CMOSS/SOSA-aligned software-defined radio (SDR) multichannel RF tuner solution enabling SIGINT/EW/Communications use cases in a 3U VPX form factor.

explore SIDEKIQ vpx400

Powering Next-Gen Direction
Finding through Generative AI

Interested in delving into the synergy of AI and advanced RF sensing solutions? Learn how the integration of Epiq's Sidekiq™ X4 and DeepSig's ML models provided a unique solution for spectrum awareness and RF signal detection, particularly in naval operations.


Embedded & Small Form Factor

Embedded & Small Form Factor

Compact yet capable, Epiq’s embedded and small form factor SDRs push the limits of RF integration. Whether it’s for small class UAS payloads, hand held devices, or low visibility applications, each one is optimized for platforms where SWaP is the highest priority, and every gram and milli-watt is critical.

Small Size, Big Impact

There is no compromise. Epiq’s embedded and tiny SDRs combine high-performance AND compact size, to deliver unique RF capability that fits in the palm of your hand.

Straightforward Integration

Our open architecture SDRs are built to work seamlessly with your applications, minimizing your development time and accelerating your mission.

Low Power. More Mission

From handheld batteries to better flight time for UAS mounted sensors, our low-power, energy-efficient SDRs work with the mission, not against it.

Proven, Trusted, Secure

Epiq’s SDRs have supported hundreds of successful operations across the globe. Whatever the demands of your unique mission, our proven solutions can help.

Embedded & Small Form Factor


With the Sidekiq™ family of breakthrough small form factor, high performance and wideband RF transceivers, you can transform any commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices such as laptops, tablets, embedded computers, and 3U VPX systems into RF processing powerhouses.

explore sdr

Enabling Wireless Security with Flying Fox® Enterprise

Discover how Flying Fox® Enterprise, with Sidekiq™ modules at its core, redefines RF-based sequrity. By detecting and mitigating unauthorized wireless transmissions within a facility, this state-of-the-art solution enhances protective measures and helps you address potential threats.




Why are software-defined radios pivotal for space missions? Their adaptability, easy of programming, and broad frequency are key. Xiphos-Epiq's dedicated space team, is blending mission proven SDR expertise and New Space  know-how to bring new capabilities to space applications. For you, that means enhanced connectivity and bridging capabilities with stellar possibilities to enable your space mission.

Thrive in Extreme Conditions

Space is a harsh environment. Built for reliability and endurance, our processing and SDR platforms, powered by Xiphos’ advanced space processing technology, offer enhanced, power-efficient, and robust performance, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Flexible and Scalable for Any Mission

We’re here to serve your current and future needs. From CubeSats to intricate spacecraft, Xiphos' space platforms adjust to a spectrum of mission requirements.

Proven Track Record in Space Applications

Xiphos' track record is solid. With a long history of successful space missions, you can rely on our space solutions to get the job done.

Discover Xiphos

Your go-to partner for comprehensive space missions. With Epiq’s and Xiphos' combined expertise, you get a unique blend of trailblazing SDR capabilities and unique space computing solutions built to withstand the harshest of environments.

Explore space-based missions

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